DMZ Streaming

The Easy-to-Use DMZ Proxy Server Solution

DMZ Streaming Overview

DMZ Streaming is a clever JSCAPE MFT Gateway solution that allows external network-based clients to securely access files in your internal network.

With a DMZ Proxy Server, sensitive files no longer have to be stored on your DMZ. This makes it a perfect solution for complying with regulations like PCI-DSS, which prohibit certain files from being stored on a network de-militarized zone.

DMZ Streaming is a salient feature of JSCAPE MFT Gateway. In a basic configuration, you would deploy JSCAPE MFT Gateway in your DMZ.

To access files in your internal network, an external user would only have to connect to your DMZ-based Gateway. The Gateway would in turn connect to a server in your internal network and then stream the files in question back to the user. In no instance would the user be aware of whatever takes place behind the DMZ.




The Power of JSCAPE

Compatible with any platform and any environment, JSCAPE supports a variety of trading partners using multiple types of protocols. The low-code/no-code workflow automation capabilities, REST APIs, and single pane of glass visibility into all processes and automations makes working with JSCAPE easy on your teams.

Should you need any help, our best-in-class support team is ready to respond, with global 24/7 response times under 15 minutes.

The Benefits of SaaS

  • Access software from anywhere online; no downloading or installation needed
  • Onboard quickly
  • Reduce IT team involvement and troubleshooting
  • Eliminate custom-coded in-house software solutions

DMZ Proxy Server Features and Benefits

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Transparent to the client

Client-side users don’t need additional configurations to take advantage of DMZ streaming. They simply connect to and use the file transfer service as they normally would.

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Obscures internal servers

Since all incoming connections are established with the DMZ-based JSCAPE MFT Gateway, external users wouldn’t be able to gain vital information about your internal network. 

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JSCAPE supports any TCP/IP protocol, including FTP/S, HTTP/S, and SFTP. 



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