The Easy-to-Use Managed File Transfer (MFT) SaaS Solution

Powerful File Transfer Automation – With Less Effort

JSCAPE MFTaaS takes the flexibility and security of JSCAPE MFT Server and puts it in the cloud, removing the management headaches and additional costs associated with traditional on-premises infrastructure. We get you up and running quickly with an onboarding session from our customer success team, so building your file transfer operations and automation on JSCAPE is as simple as logging in. 

Easily automate your file transfers while keeping visibility into all of your processes using JSCAPE’s newest SaaS environment. Discover what our automated file transfer platform can do for your business.




The Power of JSCAPE

Compatible with any platform and any environment, JSCAPE supports a variety of trading partners using multiple types of protocols. The low-code/no-code workflow automation capabilities, REST APIs, and single pane of glass visibility into all processes and automations makes working with JSCAPE easy on your teams.

Should you need any help, our best-in-class support team is ready to respond, with global 24/7 response times under 15 minutes.

The Benefits of SaaS

  • Access software from anywhere online; no downloading or installation needed
  • Onboard quickly
  • Reduce IT team involvement and troubleshooting
  • Eliminate custom-coded in-house software solutions

Why choose JSCAPE MFTaaS?

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Reduce or eliminate upfront investment

No need to purchase servers, install security cameras or issue access key cards – your solution is secured in the cloud.

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No server management needed

Our experts maintain your server health and deliver any updates so JSCAPE MFTaaS is always up-to-date and secure.

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Stay secure

JSCAPE MFTaaS is fully managed by Redwood Software and regularly tested for any vulnerabilities. JSCAPE is certified for ISO27001 and attested for SOC 2 Type 2, and comes with built-in antivirus protection. 

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Gain efficiency

Get your IT teams back on other priorities (and away from troubleshooting server issues). 

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Maintain scalability

Large files are no problem, with a generous 1TB of data allotted for storage and transfers every month. 

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Onboard quickly

Start automating your file transfers sooner with our streamlined server provisioning and onboarding process.




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